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Our Values

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These shared values guide us, as a collective, in our interactions with each other and our clients.


Honesty is an absolute.  Without it we have nothing.  It is an essential cornerstone in a quality coaching relationship and in life.


Curiosity is a key component in openness and uncovering opportunity.  Curiosity  comes from a place of not assuming.  It rests in the excited energy of always being ready to learn, and we believe, learning is living!


Together as humans we have such strong common ground. In our humanness, we get to forgive ourselves and others, finding compassion along the way ~so powerfully freeing.


Seeing the world with open and loving eyes no matter what, that's what. We welcome our differences with love, enthusiasm & curiosity.


Yep, we're on your team always, in the tough moments and joyus ones too. We'll be sure to help you acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments properly.  We won't just let you skip over your successes to focus on the next hill to climb.


In mindful acceptance, all is welcome.          No judgement, just love and openness in the face of truth.


Transparency is a wee stretch beyond honesty.  It lives more in the realm of sharing all there is to share, from all of ourselves, feelings and intuition included.

No Agenda

This is a matter of trust.  We know you have all your answers in you.  Were here to help you uncover these answers and then make positive change rooted in them.

Positive Presence

Always holding the space of loving kindness.