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Michele Greco

Michele Greco CPC, PCC
Mindfulness-Based Certified Professional Life & Business Coach.
Director; Portland Coaching Collective.

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Areas of Focus / Specializations:

Mindfulness-based, experiential / somatic coaching providing the opportunity to:

  • Examine defining core beliefs & reshaping them to meet your true needs & desires

  • Reconnect to your values & strengths to strategize for forward movement & growth rooted in your most primary values

  • Quiet the mind in order to tune in more intimately to the wisdom of your heart & body

  • Open up to the opportunities and deep wisdom behind your fears

  • Strengthen personal identity, self trust & confidence

  • Restore life balance and reclaim your original creative wholeness

  • Cultivate curiosity and openness for personal leadership & thriving relationships

  • Strengthen the comfort and ease, in your relationship with self.



What is something that amazes you?

The wonder that is the human body and the human being; resilient, ever changing & capable. And I love that no matter how different and unique we may be, our humanness intrinsically connects us. 

Where’s your favorite place to take an out-of-town guest?

With or without an out of town guest my favorite place to get-a-way is the Oregon coast -especially in the early spring for one of those split personality days where you get the fresh crisp clean air, maybe some showers and sun, plus the bonus rainbow that goes with them.

When do you find yourself singing? And what?

Mostly in the car now that my kiddo is a teenager. Our favorite used to be "I've been working on the railroad" and these days we fine common ground in Rickie Lee Jones.

What motivates you to improve yourself?

Feeling both the simple calm and delight, of being connected to what feels true on the inside. Getting to live from this place, although it may be fleeting at times, inspires me to continue to pursue this journey toward self refinement.

Tell me about your favorite time of day, week, month or season?

A slow Saturday morning on a fall day feels pretty right to me. Sundays usually come with the permission to go slow, so the luxury of feeling that way on a Saturday, has extra goodness. And, fall has that scent of change in the air which after summer, feels like an overdo invitation for thoughtful reflection.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Right now, I'd have to say, learning to play the ukulele and sing, which I do imagine will happen someday. I do these things already on the rare occasion for a moment of real funny freedom.

Working with Michele came at the perfect time in my life. There was so much I wanted to make happen
and lots of tending I needed to do for myself in order to get there. Michele was spot on and intuitive in her
understanding of where I was at and helped me to have a significant break through that many years of
therapy had not revealed.
— S.S., Calabasas, CA
Michele is delicate in her communication yet precise and direct, which is extremely appreciated and helpful for a no-nonsense personality like mine.
— C.C., Nonprofit Manager, Soquel, CA
Each day I draw upon breakthroughs achieved since being coached by Michele; -enabling behaviors with
my siblings, my relationship with money, boosting self confidence and so much more. All have improved
immensly and I am so grateful to her for her supportive and non-judgemental coaching style. I’m finally
getting a handle on issues that have plagued me most of my 50+ years. Thank you so much, Michele.
— M.B.T. Workers Compensation Analyst, Los Angeles, CA

Degrees, credentials
& certifications:

  • International Coach Federation; Professional Certified Coach. ICF; PCC.

  • Undergraduate degree in Communication Arts from Columbia in Chicago

  • Professional Coaching Certification from Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

  • Energy Leadership Master Practitioner

  • Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches; Training in Hakomi Method, R-CS, Recreation Of The Self & Attachment

Professional memberships
& affiliations:

  • PCC member of the ICF, Internation Coach Federation

  • Board of Directors at Open Adoption & Family Services

  • Member of the Oregon Law Commission Work Group -rewriting Oregon Adoption Law

  • Member CIP, Community Inspired Professionals

To get in touch with Michele:

Some sliding scale spots available, please inquire.