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Coaching Questions

Coaching deepens our understanding of self.  It is an avenue for changing old beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you into forward movement toward the most fulfilling version of your life.  Coaching works with balancing all of who you are, with all of what you do. 

  • Coaching is a radical act of self fulfillment.                             

  • Coaching is finding voice, focus & purpose.

  • Coaching is aligning your life with your wants, desires & aliveness. 

  • Coaching is hard work at times.

  • Coaching is self care & kindness. 

  • Coaching is finding resonance. 

  • Coaching is practicing continuously coming back to true self.

What will I get out of coaching?  

As much as you put in to it : )  No really, if you show up ready to be in it, the outcome is whatever you desire.  And the quick list includes: greater self awareness, the ability to create and take advantage of opportunity, an inner groundedness rooted in self tending & the ability to be truly be present and value each moment. 

How do I know if I am a good candidate for coaching?

If you are hungry for change in any area of your life, you are a good candidate for coaching. If you are stuck in some aspect of your life or want to move something along that has been stubborningly staying steady, coaching is a great fit for you. If you feel ready for something new, yet are not sure quite what, coaching can fire up your opportunities.  If you want to improve on who you are, deepen your purpose or expand your impact in the world, coaching is here for you.

 Also, being open and curious are nice qualities, but really it is mostly about wanting and then being willing to commit to your want.

Is it important for a coach to be certified?

We believe it is.  At this time, anyone can hang a shingle on their door that says "life coach".  And it is true that some people are born coaches.  We at the collective are those people AND we believe in certification.  Certification builds on your natural qualities of coach, creates mastery and illustrates our commitment to our profession. Not to mention, certification gives you skills and tools you never would have imagined.

And, yes, as certified coaches, we have been required to exhibit a certain standard of knowledge and ethical practice, that without certification is unknown and unregulated.

How is coaching different from therapy?  

Coaching is primarily about working in the moment to create and manifest the future.  Tending to past experience may come into play in coaching, as it is sometimes necessary in order to launch into the future, but healing the past is not the main focus of coaching.  Coaching is about strengthening resources in order to co-create restoration, vision & vitality.

As coaches we do not diagnose, nor are we trained to treat people who are struggling with mental illness. 

How long does working with a coach take?

Three months until infinity??  Honestly, It really depends on you and your ambitions and goals.  

Where a single session can bring about an opportunity for heightened personal awareness and growth, an extended commitment to coaching can create life long change.   Some clients find the value coaching adds to their lives to be an important part of their regular self care, so choose to continue to work with a coach in a ongoing, sustaining way.  Other clients may have more acute issues they want to work through and in these cases it can be a relatively quick process. 

Either way, the commitment you make to coaching is directly related to the commitment you make to yourself.

Why all of a sudden do we have life coaches, when only a few years ago it was mostly executives that worked with coaches? 

Life coaching grew out of decades of experience with executive coaching. This evolution was inevitable, as it became evident that coaching was a powerful tool that helped high performing executives bring their best selves into the work place. The result was the creation of an atmosphere where work associates were empowered to lead with compassion and contribute with confidence, which naturally cultivated healthier work relationships.  This lead to an overall general feeling of well being on the job and of course greater performance and significantly increased profits.  

The positive change that comes with working with a coach has become common knowledge and is now a part of the new standard of working in a corporate environment.   The unexpected outcome of working with a coach in the work place was the additional impact the coaching experience had on executives personal lives as well.  Thus the natural progression to the practice of Life coaching, which brings all the tools and skills of coaching to the individual.

Given that life is busier now then ever before in history, with communication and transportation at an all time record pace; the expectations that follow can leave each of us stunned to say the least and not able to show up or function in life from our best selves.