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Fall, Your Invitation To Go Slow

michele greco

I know, it's bittersweet that summer is passing.  I'm personally sad to see the sunny days go, but on the flip side, so happy to have the seasonal invitation to go slow.  'Slow going' is the welcomed opportunity to linger a little here and there, to take your time and to be fully fastened on this present moment.  

It's crazy how just moving at a more pleasant pace can reveal so many otherwise unseen possibilities.  Stepping out of the nonstop blur that is summer and into the comfortable focus of fall, shows us the inspirational details of our moments. As we make space for these little details to come into focus we can begin to calmly flow back in to the beauty of uni-tasking. 

Because I have the pleasure of working with so many creative individuals, I spend a fair amount of time examining the creative process.  In this, i've discovered that what we don't do and when we don't do it, is just about as important as what we do do and when we do it, it is essentially the white space of our lives.  And, just as in design, the white space of our lives serves as "the element that enables the objects in it to exist at all".

It may seem counter intuitive, but making the choice to give yourself some down time in the face of a demanding deadline is actually a way of sending yourself the message that you trust and honor your process and that you are in charge of getting it done.

So, my creative proposition is to take advantage of this seasonal slow going, by allowing yourself time to incubate (I prefer this word to procrastinate, but procrastinating is just exactly what I'm suggesting you do) on a subject or project this fall. This gift of time feels amazing.  It reconnects you to your openness & curiosity and hey isn't that what our creativity is rooted? Plus, most importantly, it demonstrates to yourself that you're worth your time and attention.

For more inspiration on the subject of going slow, this TED radio broadcast (shared with me by a client, ~Thank you!  because it "reaffirmed so much of what we talked about in session" : ) is a wonderful way to spend sometime.  

~Michele Greco CPC.