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Sow The Seeds Of Forgiveness

michele greco


When we start with forgiveness of self and others, we open our hearts and create an enlivened, clean slate in which to plant the seeds of new growth and opportunity. As we welcome a regular practice of self-compassion and forgive ourselves first, we can then live from this simple, impactful place.  

What seeds are you planting and what intentions are you cultivating for this season of growth that is awakening?

This month we feature a poem titled “Forgiveness” by coach Penelope Rose Miller. Penelope considers herself a “student of forgiveness.” The many offerings and teachings of forgiveness have supported her on her life's journey of becoming an open-hearted warrior.

Michele Greco, CPC
Director, Portland Coaching Collective

The Portland Coaching Collective at our Monthly Meeting.  Clockwise, starting at left; Penelope Rose Miller, Michele Mather, Michele Greco & Cally Fruscello. (not pictured: Kari Morin.)

The Portland Coaching Collective at our Monthly Meeting. Clockwise, starting at left; Penelope Rose Miller, Michele Mather, Michele Greco & Cally Fruscello. (not pictured: Kari Morin.)



by Penelope Rose Miller, CPCC

Forgiveness ...

... is an antidote 

... is a gift 

... is a way of life

... is a way to say i love you

... is letting go of needing to be right

... is a way to say you matter to me more than the things you do that piss me off

... is a way to liberate

... is a way to declutter

... is a natural state of grace

... is a way to honor your spirit

... is not in cahoots with story lines or ego

... is an opportunity to heal

... is an invitation to promote love

... is a ripple 

... is a radical act of self love

... is a way of life

... creates bounty

... clears your karma

... is a lighthouse

... beckons for you to follow in her footsteps

... is a circular motion

... frees up precious real estate

... fights cancer

... gives you a reason to wake up

... is never lost

... is alkaline 

... is available to everyone at anytime

... is a way of life

... is a remedy

... is a song i sing my child 

... is a gift i give 

... has no cost

... feels incredible

... is my teacher 

... gives vitality

... is not always easy

... is the righteous choice

... falls stumbles yet bounces back

... knows no bounds

... has many facets

... is a gem i place in my heart to keep it open

... is warm

... is not staying hooked to drama or judgments

... is messy

... is pure

... is a way of life.

Coach Spotlight:
Cally Fruscello

Cally is a Personal Wellness Advocate. She is all about motivating the functional connection of pleasure and nourishment to cultivate discipline, creativity, and vibrant health. 

Cally is a certified Holistic Health Coach and has been in practice for nearly 4 years. In addition to coaching, she is a personal chef and creator of nutrient-dense, healthy snacks sold at Kure Juice Bars around Portland. 

A random talent of hers: Cally can juggle while roller skating!

Next month, Cally is hosting a fun workshop, “Grabbing the Reins of Your Day.” Learn how to build a sustainable morning ritual that properly aligns YOUR day. For more info, visit


Holistic Health Coach Cally Fruscello

Holistic Health Coach Cally Fruscello

Health Coach Tip of the Month

Start your day with 16 oz of water before you eat or drink anything else. For added Vitamin C, detox points, and alkalinity, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into your water. Hydration is key to good health!

Resolutions Northwest: Part of Our Village 

In our focus on forgiveness, we’d like to recognize local nonprofit Resolutions Northwest. Resolutions Northwest does profound work in our community, resolving conflict and advancing racial and social justice by providing mediation (free between neighbors/roommates/LL-tenants), providing restorative justice in schools, and large group facilitation & training.  

One of our coaches, Penelope Rose Miller, donates her time to resolve neighborhood conflicts in Resolutions’ mediator training program!  

These are just some of the reasons we love this organization that is making our community stronger - and doing it with so much heart. Visit the website to learn more: